Ryckatyk Is Here To Help.

Ryckatyk focuses on connecting great, quality customers to our client’s products and services. We do this by learning about and connecting with Raleigh and its surrounding metro and ensuring that our client’s products are useful to potential customers. Our team, during the acquisition process, gives an in-depth preview of our client’s product to the potential customer. We provide training to each member of Ryckatyk so that they are consistently delivering your branding and message across Raleigh.

Market Management 67%
Professionalism 100%
Product Knowledge 87%


Ryckatyk's team takes care of acquiring customers from A to Z. We introduce them to our clients products, answer questions, and build those long term relationships for our clients.

Learning Your Products

We learn everything there is to know about our clients' products and services so that when a customer has a question, we'll have the answer and we train our team members to be just as knowledgeable.

Top Notch Professionalism

Following the golden rule is core to Ryckatyk's business model. We expect every team member to be professional and courteous in every interaction with the public.

President - William Ryckman
HR Manager - Cory Whitton
Team Lead - Margie Crespo
Team Lead - Bobby Lynch
Team Lead - Krystal Harris

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